About Us

Welcome to the official website for the Department of Culture, Bermuda! Here you will find information on the diversity of events, programmes and services offered by this Department.


The Department’s mission is to develop our creatives, preserve our heritage and celebrate our people.

Department Objectives:

  • To support Bermuda’s cultural, heritage and artistic communities and institutions through developmental programmes and partnerships.
  • To preserve our heritage by promoting an understanding of Bermuda’s cultural identity through education, research, publication and enrichment programmes.
  • To celebrate our people and the development of our national identity by curating cultural festivals, public discussions, and educational programmes.
  • To serve as stewards of Bermuda’s cultural heritage.

The Department achieves this by organising annual national festivals and events of large and small scale, folklife events and reseach, media programmes, documentaries, publications, digital archives, and more!

Look at our calendar and keep an eye out for events such as Heritage Month, the Bermuda Day Parade, the Emancipation Celebration, National Heroes’ Day, Gombey Festival, Bermudian Heartbeats, Creatives Live, the Cultural Apprenticeship, the Writer-in-Residence Programme, and Premier’s Concert.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about the Department of Culture and how it serves the people of Bermuda. Should you require further information, please contact us.