Bermuda Treasures

Bermuda Treasures: Heritage Educational Series (Biography TV Series)
Now in its 12th year, the Bermuda Treasures Heritage Educational Series, created by Panatel VDS Ltd., was developed as a way to keep a historic record of Bermuda, its people and its culture. The show celebrates our seniors and their stories of old-time Bermuda. To date, 48 people from all walks of life have shared their contributions to all facets of our community with us. The Department of Culture provides a platform for them to share these contributions while at the same time documenting their stories for posterity.

Below are all the Bermuda Treasures Biographies Panatel has done since 1995:

  1. Winifred Brown
  2. Sir John Sharpe
  3. Archie Minors
  4. June Stanton
  5. Archie Minors
  6. Iris Mae DeShields
  7. Joy Bluck Waters
  8. Robert Lee
  9. D.J. Williams
  10. William “Cheese” Ray
  11. Hope Bascombe and Miriam Dickenson
  12. Captain H.E. Williams
  13. Carol Hill
  14. Jimmy Kempe
  15. Grace Washington
  16. Francis Burch
  17. Edward Simons
  18. Eddie DeMello
  19. Earl Cameron
  20. Isabel Ashford
  21. Bill Williams
  22. Cristobel Cann
  23. George Welch
  24. Hubert Smith
  25. Lydia Furbert
  26. Jack Lighhtbourne
  27. Elfrida Chappell
  28. Sinclair Furbert
  29. Jean Lyles
  30. Peter Perinchief
  31. “Polly” Lamb & Nina Smith
  32. Albert Jackson
  33. Elsbeth Gibson
  34. Jean Howes
  35. Ira Philip
  36. Ardie Black
  37. J.E.P. Stewart
  38. Myrtle Edness
  39. Rosalind Robinson
  40. Colin Selley
  41. Clarence Terceira
  42. Roseannie Wilson
  43. Roy Talbot
  44. Connie Dey
  45. Fred Ming
  46. Marlene B. Landy
  47. Nell Johnston