Bermuda’s vibrant artistic scene reflects a sophisticated set of visual artists, talented musicians, disciplined and dedicated dancers, filmmakers committed to capturing the essence of our island home, writers whose work reflects our varied experiences, and a number of imaginative creatives whose work spans multiple and mixed media. Their work is a masterclass in Bermudian culture and society: who we are, who we were, and who we wish to become.

The Department of Culture profiles Bermudian artists through our portfolio website Creatives.BM, and all are invited to join.

Bermuda Arts Council

About Bermuda Arts Council The Arts Council was founded by an Art of Parliament in 1969 with the intent to promote public awareness of the value of arts and its continued development and growth to Bermudian society as it relates to our youth and all Bermudians and visitors alike. The Principal objectives of the Council is to develop and improve the knowledge, understanding and practice of the ... Learn More

Literary Arts

Bermuda has a burgeoning literary arts scene, with an abundance of authors across various genres publishing and creating works that represent our island in the sun. Some of our best-known authors whose work has been published internationally include Brian Burland, Nadia Aguiar, Angela Barry and Catherine West. The Department of Culture has focused on cultivating this area specifically through w... Learn More

Visual Arts

Bermuda’s visual arts capture the essence of Bermudian life and can be found throughout the island as murals, statues, and other forms of public art; private collections gracing Bermudian homes; and in the exhibitions hosted by art galleries and foundations.  Bermuda’s visual arts have shifted over the past half-century from a focus on watercolor pink pastel houses admired by visitors, to mor... Learn More

Performing Arts

Bermuda’s performing artists - our actors, singers, musicians, and dancers  - bring the island alive through their creative expression.  Whether it’s on show at Bermuda Musical & Dramatic Society’s “Famous for Fifteen Minutes” playwriting competition, Troika’s dramatic productions, Chewstick’s open mic events, or the annual Bermuda Idol singing competition, performance - both f... Learn More


From calypso to reggae to jazz to classical, Bermuda enjoys a rich musical heritage and has produced a number of singers and instrumentalists in the genres of calypso, jazz, reggae, classical, rock, soca, R&B, and contemporary music.  Historically, music has been an integral part of our hospitality offering. Live bands can be found at restaurants and bars across the island for the enjoyment o... Learn More


Bermuda’s artisans are a highly-skilled set of craftspeople who frequently incorporate local materials into their work. Bermuda-made jewelry has been designed from materials as diverse as our pink sand, sea glass, and lionfish fins. Cedarcraft includes friendship goblets, bowls, furniture and lamps that serve as functional works of art. Some of Bermuda’s finest crafts are used as personal ador... Learn More


Bermuda has been featured as the backdrop for a number of films that have become cult classics such as The Deep, The Bermuda Depths, and The Ivory Ape; however, it is only in recent years that Bermudian filmmakers have begun to make inroads representing in this cultural industry, most notably with Lucinda Spurling’s full-length feature film Maternal Secrets which premiered in 2018.  However, Be... Learn More