Bermuda has been featured as the backdrop for a number of films that have become cult classics such as The Deep, The Bermuda Depths, and The Ivory Ape; however, it is only in recent years that Bermudian filmmakers have begun to make inroads representing in this cultural industry, most notably with Lucinda Spurling’s full-length feature film Maternal Secrets which premiered in 2018.  However, Bermudians’ relationship with film goes back much further to 1951, when our very own Earl Cameron burst onto the scene appearing in Pool of London.  Almost 30 films later, Mr. Cameron has since been recognised as one of the first black actors to break the colour bar in England as a film star. Following in his footsteps are a younger set of actors such as Daren A. Herbert, who has appeared in films such as Dreamgirls and 2012.

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Image courtesy of the Bermuda Tourism Authority.