Annie Burrows Bean Young

Bermuda Day Grand Marshal 2016 – A Tapestry of Cultures

Annie Burrows Bean Young is the youngest daughter of Reginald and Annie Bean. She was born in the late 1930s at Somerset Bridge. She attended Southampton Glebe, Northland’s School, and the Girl’s Institute of Arts and Crafts.

Mrs. Young’s first job was at the fashion store, Bamboo Gate, on Harbour Road.  She then worked at the English Sports Shop at Carlton Beach Hotel (the former Sonesta Beach Hotel). After a few years, she moved on to Warwick Video, where she remained until its closure in 1990. This retail experience laid the stage for an important shift in Bermuda’s cultural consciousness.

Her eldest daughter, Valerie, had been selling some African artefacts and greeting cards from her car in Dockyard which had an enthusiastic response. Valerie found a retail space on Court Street when she was offered a new job. Naturally, her mother took up the stead and True Reflections was born. True Reflections was the first shop in Bermuda to stock African literature, art, and clothing. The store found its eventual location in Chancery Lane and became a focal point for ethnically themed books, cards, artefacts, material, and many other items.  True Reflections played a significant role in the development of Bermudian interest about their African roots and the similarities in culture. Under Mrs. Young’s management, True Reflections remained a much loved location for 21 years. During this Bermuda Day, we honour her commitment to African-centred consciousness.

Mrs. Young’s many years of experience both in the hospitality industry and retail have garnered her many friends from all over the world.  She loves to keep in touch with them and is often invited to visit. Her other hobbies include travel, sports and gardening.

Note: Mrs. Burrows passed in 2018.