Cal Simons

Bermuda Day Grand Marshal 2017 – Our Sporting Heritage

From an early age, Cal Simons a showed a keen interest in sport, particularly in competitive track and field. As a young man, he developed his throwing skills by training shot put, discus, javelin and hammer throw. But he also knew early on that he wanted to be a physical education and health teacher.

Today he looks back on a successful life dedicated to helping the development of young people in Bermuda through his roles as teacher, coach, football referee and administrator of track and field events. He began his career as a teacher at West End Primary in 1981 and in the same year was a founding member and volunteer head coach of the Bermuda Pacers Track Club. Through his coaching he has trained innumerable athletes between ages 7 and 18 in various track and field events and is proud that many of Bermuda’s top track and field athletes have come through the Bermuda Pacers Track Club. The Club hosts the Bermuda Pacer’s School Relay Classic, the largest track event held in Bermuda.

In addition, he has spent over 18 years as a referee for the Bermuda Football Association and was on the FIFA list from 1994-1996. For at least 15 years he has been coaching junior footballers at the Pembroke Hamilton Club. In 2005 he became the Senior Sport Development Officer at the Department of Youth, Sport & Recreation.

He has received many awards, including the Queen Certificate and Badge of Honour in 1996, the 2002 Teacher of the Year award, as well as the Bermuda Government Sport Citation Award (1989) and a Bermuda Olympic Association/IOC award for his commitment to the development of track and field in Bermuda. He believes, and indeed is proof, that encouraging young individuals in sports, he can help them become well-rounded and successful individuals.