Clermont Joell

Bermuda Day Grand Marshal 2012 – Celebrating Hospitality Through The Ages

Mr. Clermont Roderick Joell, better known as “Duke”, was born and raised in Pembroke Parish. Surrounded by a musically inclined family, he was inspired to explore music on a personal level which led to many personal music accomplishments.

One of his early memories of singing was his performance in the Central School Children’s Choir under the direction of Mrs. Edna Mae Scott. As a teen he enjoyed singing and being blessed with his talent, he performed in many vocal groups on the island.  In the years that followed, playing the harmonica and the guitar developed into a hobby and this talent led to many other musical opportunities.

In the mid-sixties, with a vast collection of songs, he was involved with a combo consisting of a bass guitar, a rhythm guitar, conga drums and maracas. After the birth of his children in the 1970s, music became a part of his everyday life and on many occasions, he would sing and play the guitar for them before they retired to bed. Eventually other singing and playing opportunities were opened for him and he gladly accepted most of them.

Mr. Joell has performed in many places throughout the island: hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, senior and private homes, the U.S. bases and has represented the Department of Tourism both locally and abroad.

Mr. Joell thoroughly enjoys entertaining as he fulfils his musical journey. Although he is retired, he still enjoys performing for life-long friends, his family and especially his grandchildren whenever such special occasions arise.