Crenstant Williams

Bermuda Day Grand Marshall 2022, Togetherness

Crenstant Williams always dreamed of becoming a lawyer and went on to obtain a law degree from the University of Buckingham in the U.K., however, it was after hearing a statement that “young males are a menace to society”, he decided to change course. Mr. Williams figured if he could reach young men at an earlier age through education he could make a noticeable impact in their lives. Today, he does just that through the many hats he wears – as Acting Math Officer for the Ministry of Education and Head of Referees for the Bermuda Football Association (BFA). After receiving his teaching certification, Mr. Williams started work at Elliot Primary school where he taught various year levels. In September 2005, he transferred to Harrington Sound Primary as the P6 teacher and was appointed Math Teacher Leader. While there, he launched the Math Mastery program, which is modeled after the Singapore style of teaching, helping children to ‘learn through modeling, representation, justifying and convincing their peers ‘ rather than just memorizing information. The last academic checkpoint results from 2018 showed the school’s students were excelling in math above the rest of their public school peers. Mr. Williams went on to teach at West End Primary, where he was promoted to Deputy Principal. His Math Mastery program was implemented in the Western Zone schools and later, due to the positive response from teachers and students, it was adopted by the MOED and implemented in all of Bermuda’s Public Schools.

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Williams is an avid sportsman. He sees sport as a positive outlet for young people – to test their endurance and sharpen their character. He is the Second Vice President and Head of Referees for the BFA and was instrumental in getting four Bermudians appointed to the FIFA list as Assistant Referees in the last five years. In 2022, Bermuda made history, with the appointment of its first ever female to the FIFA list. Mr. Williams also implemented a Youth Referee Program via the BFA and currently has officials as young as 10, who referee Under-7 games. He constantly seeks to improve the knowledge base of the local officials with a view raising the standard of officiating on the Island. Mr. Williams recently launched an online referee platform for aspiring referees, which is the first of its kind in the Caribbean. Whether it’s on the field or off, he finds it extremely rewarding to see former students achieving their goals, attaining scholarships, and excelling in their chosen careers. He firmly believes that all children can learn and achieve, but it’s up to parents and educators to awaken that hunger and curiosity for knowledge.