Dr. Kyjuan Brown

Bermuda Grand Marshal 2024 – Culture=Energy, Empowering Bermuda Through Healthcare and Community Service

Dr. Kyjuan Brown is a remarkable figure in Bermuda, known for his dedication to healthcare, community service, and entrepreneurial ventures. As the Founder and Medical Director of Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center (NMAC), Dr. Brown has created a premier Medspa offering a wide range of services such as Family Medicine, Aesthetics, Dermatology, and much more. Dr. Brown takes a holistic and integrative approach to healthcare and Beauty; he is also certified in specialities such as medical hair restoration, medical aesthetics, and herbal medicine.

His own formulated product line, Dr. Brown’s Laboratory provides essential health vitamins, hair growth products, skincare treatments, and more.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Brown is deeply committed to giving back. Raised with a strong sense of community service, he actively contributes through his time, money, and the initiatives of NMAC. Dr. Brown has volunteered with organisations such as St. John’s Ambulance and served on the Board of Governors at CedarBridge Academy. He has also been involved in committees like Education and Medical Appeals, and Transport Control.

Dr. Brown’s community involvement extends to extensive sponsorships, events, and clinics hosted by NMAC. The annual Swan’s Running Club Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, back-to-school community days, free community fairs and clinics, and support for sports teams, youth groups, and senior initiatives are just a few examples of his contributions. Dr. Brown also mentors and sponsors high school and college students, offering them internships, scholarships, and job opportunities, providing them with a pathway to success.

Recognised for his contributions, Dr. Brown has received numerous accolades. In 2021, he received the ‘Most Outstanding Member of our Bermuda Community Award’ from Veteran Barber Ricky Spence. His generosity and leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic also earned him the 2022 Bermuda AME Church YPD iRock Community Leadership Award, and he was also honored with the Bermuda Hero Award from Bethel AME Church in 2023. Additionally, as Medical Director/Owner, NMAC has received two Best of Bermuda Awards in 2019 and 2022.

Recently, Dr. Brown has begun to use his platform to educate and inspire through a YouTube vlog channel, ‘More Than Medicine.’ Sharing insights on topics such as real estate, business strategies, and life adventures, Dr. Brown shows a tapestry of diverse passions. His unwavering commitment to healthcare, community service, and empowering Bermuda has made a profound impact on the lives of many. With his remarkable achievements and ever-expanding initiatives, Dr. Brown continues to shape a brighter future for the community.