June Caisey

Bermuda Day Grand Marshal 2014 – Bermuda’s Historical Treasures

June Caisey is the First Lady of entertainment in Bermuda.  Her list of accomplishments, awards and accolades are long and varied.  A vanguard of the island’s entertainment industry.  She is matriarch to her talented offspring, grandchildren, nephews, nieces and friends.  Hallowed halls echo the word ‘legend’ in her name.

The path to her life journey has been stamped with the consensus that she is a national treasure.  Though honoured with numerous awards, media coverage and a loyal following island-wide and internationally, her naturally humble nature leaves her without the need to seek the spotlight, while simultaneously receiving it graciously when it has sought her.  Her youth began in the spotlight singing with her family and friends at St. Paul AME Church – she was four years old.

When Victor Primary School was known as The Central School she was a ten year old shining star with a part in her first musical play.  A lead singer in The Berkeley Institute school choir, she graduated from there to attend the all-girl Alma College in Canada.  Once again her natural talents made her a stand-out amongst her peers.  Upon her return to the island with a degree, she worked at music pioneer Terry Brannon’s The Band Stand music store.  Mr. Brannon is widely known as the man who single handedly brought international acts to Bermuda to perform at his 40 Thieves Night Club, many like Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye were unknown before performing in Bermuda.  From that connection many opportunities came Mrs. Caisey’s way, including the offer from Don and Elspeth Gibson to perform across the island in a musical revue.  She accepted and became the lead singer and dancer.  During that time hotels understood that tourists wanted to see local acts. That understanding was rewarded with talent like Mrs.
Caisey’s that were on par with any band, any singer or dancer or actress the world over.  June Caisey is that talent, that treasure, an insurmountable mountain of stature and grace.

It was those elements of her spirit connecting with other like artists that helped to brand our local entertainment as top notch all over the world over by visitors to our island.

The booming market saw stars in countless venues from 1959 – 1968.  She performed with numerous bands spanning generations including renowned pianist James Richardson.  She passed the torch to her daughter Phiemma, who has performed duets with her mother most famously during their Caisey Family Productions which has helped charities with donations from the proceeds of their variety shows. These also star many of the most well-known local artists, who she is happy to call her friends first.  Her grandson Zion has made a name for himself as an artist continuing the family tradition Mrs. Caisey began.