Hubert Jones

Bermuda Day Grand Marshal 2013 – The Colours, Sights and Sounds of Bermuda

Hubert Jones attended Mount St. Agnes Academy, the Whitney Institute School and MacDonald College, an affiliate of McGill University. At the age of 12 he was awarded a Bermuda Government Agricultural Scholarship and later became the Islands Horticulturist. During his early years, Hubert was actively involved in the felling of dead cedars and the reforesting of Bermuda, adding to the beauty of today’s Bermuda.  In 1981 he became Bermuda’s first Parks Administrator and was involved in the drafting and implementation of the islands first National Parks Act.

He was a founding member of the Bermuda Horticultural Association and the Bermuda Water Safety Council.  He has served on various Government committees and charitable organizations including the Bermuda National Trust.

As a member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, Hubert was Bermuda’s representative at international conferences.  He was actively involved in the organization of the Bermuda Floral Pageant Parade.  He spent many years involved in the design and construction for the parade and judging of floats.