Jennifer Gray

Bermuda Day Grand Marshal 2019 – Bermudian Excellence

For more than half a century the Bermuda Turtle Project has been on a mission to protect sea turtles that call Bermuda’s waters their home. At the helm of that organisation is director, Jennifer Gray, Partly thanks to the group’s research and conservation efforts, the green turtle which once nested abundantly in Bermuda, but hadn’t been seen for nearly a century, was discovered once again on a beach at Building’s Bay in St George’s in 2015. Ms. Gray’s investment in local environmental organisations doesn’t stop there. She is a past president and current vice president of the Bermuda Audobon Society; a former chair of the Bermuda National Trust Marine Environmental Committee; founding member of both the Environmental Coalition and Pesticides Focus Group; and consulting member of Save Open Spaces.

Well known for three decades of service with the Bermuda Government’s Ministry of Environment at the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo, Ms. Gray has been instrumental in shaping programmes to raise the awareness of the interactions between nature and people on our fragile oceanic island.  She has nurtured many wild animals including hand rearing orphaned seals, longtails and cahows; healing injured and unwell sea turtles and saving magnificent whales.

The mother of two enjoys working with people of all ages restoring habitats and fostering an interest and appreciation of Bermuda’s unique environment.  She successfully facilitated the collaboration between the Bermuda Audubon Society and the Bermuda National Trust to create, what is now, the Buy Back Bermuda campaign. A driving force behind the Nonsuch Natural History Camp for many years, she has encouraged the younger generation to love and care for our local environment.

Ms. Gray is a motivated ambassador for Bermuda’s cultural heritage, the environment and its biodiversity. She has also encouraged and implemented many successful programmes inspiring others with her passion, knowledge and energy. Grateful for her many opportunities and experiences on the Island, Ms. Gray believes we should all count ourselves “blessed to be a part of Bermuda”.

Note: Ms. Gray notes that, “we have a fascinating history of diverse cultural traditions on such holidays and sadly I am not available for the parade as my family have made plans for a long weekend at sea.”