Joe Benevides

Bermuda Day Grand Marshal 2018 – What We Share: Honouring Contributions to House of Azores

The House of Azores (“Casa dos Acores da Bermuda”) was founded in March 2015 as a non-profit organisation and registered as a charity shortly thereafter (Charity #967). Its mission is to promote and preserve Azorean culture and heritage, and to commemorate the Azorean community’s contributions to Bermuda ever since the early days when skilled agricultural workers began to arrive in Bermuda in the late 1840s. In the last 170 years of Bermuda’s history, the Portuguese Azorean community of Bermuda and its descents have contributed enormously to Bermuda in some many different aspects and have had a tremendous affect in shaping the Bermuda of today.

Through the various activities and events, the House of Azores of Bermuda celebrates and shares its history and culture with the whole of Bermuda’s community. It also embraces everyone in Bermuda through its support of other local charities benefiting all Bermudians, which include Age Concern, the Coalition for the Protection of Children, SCARS and the Friends of Hospice. The House of Azores has received official designation from the World Council of House of the Azores.

Mr. Jose (Joe) Benevides was there at the founding of the House of Azores; in fact, the organisation formation in Bermuda was a dream of his and he is now an honorary member of the Board. He often provides staff to work at Portuguese Azorean cultural events while also assisting in obtaining entertainment for them and the organizing of such events. He is known for his deep love of Portuguese Azorean culture and for his commitment to sharing it with everyone in Bermuda which has been evident with his involvement in the community for over 30 years. He also worked at Belmont for over 30 years and has recently started his own lawn care and maintenance business. He is deeply committed to his family, including his two daughters and four grandchildren.