Linda Bogle-Mienzer

Bermuda Day Grand Marshal 2024, Togetherness

Today, Linda Bogle-Mienzer wears her many hats proudly as a Black Bermudian gay unionist, however, this wasn’t always the case. As a child, Mrs. Bogle Mienzer admits she was a major introvert and a “bit of a nerd” who struggled with opening up to people. Part of that came from her early experiences of being bullied and ostracised by her peers because of her differences. Those traumas shaped many of her insecurities and caused her to wear a mask throughout most of her teens and 20s. By the time she reached age 30, however, she was tired and overwhelmed with the double life she was living. Mrs. Bogle -Mienzer decided to be true to herself and gradually began using her voice and social media platforms to speak up about injustices in our community.

In June 1996, she joined the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) as a Station Duty Officer (SDO). Outside of her policing duties, which included mentoring, coaching and training other SDOs, she was actively involved in holding the BPS accountable for its policies around diversity. When her best friend and colleagues were killed during Hurricane Fabian in 2001, she ensured they would never be forgotten by hosting an annual memorial event. Mrs Bogle-Mienzer began her union career with the Bermuda Public Service Union as a shop steward in 2004. In 2015, she was elected as 2nd Vice President; and in June 2021, she stepped into a new full-time role as Labour Relations Organizer.

She currently holds several key roles and responsibilities at the BPSU including the title of Rapid Response Officer, tasked with handling bullying and sexual harassment cases in the workplace – a role she’s extremely passionate about. A fervent leader for social change, Mrs. Bogle-Mienzer has served as a long-standing member of local community awareness groups CURB and Restorative Justice. She has been most vocal about marriage equality and fearlessly challenges the country’s leaders and citizens when it comes to this important human rights issue. Her well-known social media platform, ‘Morning Beautiful People’, aims to be a refreshing, honest and safe space for all who feel unheard or voiceless. She believes her greatest accomplishment to date is marrying her beautiful wife, Christine, and raising their fur babies RayLove and Harmonii O.