Lizz Pimentel

Bermuda Grand Marshal 2024 – Culture=Energy, Inspiring the Local Dance Community

For decades, Lizz Pimentel has been deeply involved in local dance education, theater, production, and performance. Her journey as a professional dancer began at the age of thirteen when she joined Greg Thompson’s Follies as their youngest member. Since then, Lizz has dedicated herself to studying various dance techniques under renowned artists in England, New York, and Miami. She has had the privilege of working with esteemed choreographers like Demetrius Klein, David Parsons, and Freddrick Bratcher. Additionally, Lizz was even awarded a scholarship to attend the prestigious Alvin Ailey School in the Big Apple.

As the Founder and Director of the In Motion School of Dance and In Motion Dance Company, Lizz has made significant contributions to Bermuda’s dance community. Recently, she extended her influence through In Motion Limited, which includes the Somerset School of Dancing and Body In Motion. Lizz takes immense pride in creating safe and nurturing spaces where people from all walks of life can experience and enjoy the art of dance. Over the years, many of her students have gone on to successfully pursue careers in dance and theater, a testament to the excellent dance education provided by Lizz.

Driven by her own passion for dance, Lizz remains committed to offering local dancers the best education and performance opportunities, both locally and overseas. She wholeheartedly believes in inspiring her students to strive for their individual dance goals. Lizz has brought innovation and inclusivity to Bermuda’s arts scene through various programmes and experiences aimed at promoting and supporting local youth and the arts.

She has personally graced the stage on numerous occasions. Apart from countless local performances and company shows, she has had the pleasure of performing in Gilbert & Sullivan’s renowned productions such as “The Producers,” “Chicago,” “South Pacific,” and “Pirates of Penzance.” An active member of the Gilbert and Sullivan Society, Lizz serves on the board, contributing her expertise to further enrich Bermuda’s cultural offerings. She is also a former board member of the Bermuda Ballet Association and the National Dance Foundation of Bermuda. Lizz’s dedication to dance has even extended to her role as a judge on Bermuda Idol for over five years.

Today, Lizz continues to be known for her unwavering commitment to the dance community, as well as her innovation and inclusivity. Her commitment to nurturing and inspiring aspiring dancers has made her a cherished figure in Bermuda’s artistic landscape.