Milton Raposo

Bermuda Day Grand Marshal 2023, A Bermudian Renaissance

Bermudian producer Milton Raposo isn’t used to being in the spotlight. He’d rather be using the tools available to him to create work that gets people thinking and talking. He started off his career as a camera operator at Bermuda Broadcasting Company before moving onto local film companies, Panatel Ltd. and later, LookBermuda. In 2008, he decided to dive deeper into digital filmmaking by studying at New York’s Digital Film Academy. Afterwards, he wanted a bigger creative challenge and decided to launch his own company, Method Media Bermuda (MMB) in 2011.

Through MMB, Mr. Raposo has been able to shine a light on diverse topics such as heroin addiction in Bermuda and declining shark populations. MMB’s client work ranges from video projects on Bermuda’s new hospital redevelopment to the reinsurance industry and much more. In November 2019, Mr. Raposo’s produced his biggest project to date, FABRIC: Portuguese History in Bermuda. Ten years in the making, it tells the 170 plus year story of the Portuguese Bermudian community that has helped shape Bermuda into the country it is today. The documentary film debuted to four consecutive sold out screenings and is one of Mr. Raposo’s proudest accomplishments.

It’s safe to say Mr. Raposo is passionate about all things creative. His art and video works have been displayed at all three top galleries on the Island – Bermuda Society of the Arts, Bermuda National Gallery and Masterworks.

Outside of film, Mr. Raposo’s first real love is music. His piano and keyboard credits include numerous bands like Time Tunnel and Joy T. Barnum & The Channel. In 2003, he performed at the Glastonbury Festival with the band, SoHep. You can also find Mr. Raposo lending a hand in the community. He is one of the co-founders of local environmental charity Greenrock and sat on the first management committee of the Bermuda Environmental and Sustainability Taskforce (BEST). He is also a former vice chair of both the Bermuda Arts Council and The Chewstick Foundation and a former member of the Heritage Advisory Council for the Bermuda Government.

His list of community involvement doesn’t stop there. Mr. Raposo is a former board member of the Bermuda Society of Arts, a co-founder and former treasurer of the Neil Burnie Foundation and has served as an Adjunct Lecturer for the Bermuda College’s Media Arts programme. He has recently re-enrolled at Berklee College of Music to study ethnomusicology.