St. Clair Brinkworth “Brinky” Tucker

Bermuda Day Grand Marshal 2022, Togetherness

St. Clair Brinkworth “Brinky” Tucker enjoyed a distinguished career with the Bermuda Police Service that lasted for nearly three decades. He made history as the first Bermudian to be named Head of Police Prosecutions and also served as the officer in charge of the St. George’s and Airport Police Stations, a Supreme Court Officer, and the Supervisory Officer/Officer in Charge of Hamilton Police Station, before his retirement in 1991. One of the highlights of his illustrious career was the seven years he served as aide-de-camp to Premier Sir John Swan. A former West Pembroke Primary, East End Primary, and Berkeley Institute student, Mr. Tucker received two Governor’s medals and three Commissioner’s Commendations for his diligent service. An avid sportsman, he excelled in table tennis, football and cricket – and has the unique distinction of having played in all three Counties (Western, Central, and Eastern), as well as one Cup Match Classic in 1973.

Not one to neglect community service, Mr. Tucker served on the Human Rights Commission and the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs’ Committee to celebrate Bermuda’s Heritage Day. In September 2007, he was honored by the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs as an Outstanding Tradition Bearer of the Family and Community. From a young age, his St. David’s Island mother instilled in him a strong sense of pride in family, culture, and heritage. Determined to keep those traditions alive, Mr. Tucker played a major role in the formation of the St. David’s Island Reconnection Indian Committee in 2002, a group responsible for reconnecting the Pequot Indians in the various U.S. States with those in St. David’s and the rest of Bermuda who had Native American ancestry. This reconnection resulted in dozens of Native Americans visiting Bermuda to join the Committee and put on unforgettable Pow Wows. His endearment for his beloved St. David’s Island also led him to publish St. David’s Island, Bermuda – Its People, History and Culture in 2009, a book written to chronicle the journey and highlight a few of the prominent people of St. David’s Island. Due to the far-reaching impact of the book, Mr. Tucker was this year (2022) awarded the Daniel Literary Award from Atlantic Publishing House at a special ceremony. He has been married to his wife, Lyn, for 56 years and together they have two sons and three grandchildren. In his retirement, he enjoys spending precious time with family and friends.