Community Education



The Community Education and Development Programme is one of the gems of the Department of Culture.  This programme provides a wide range of courses on a non-credit basis, available across our island, to capture and stimulate the interest of our residents.  Community Education is a process that concerns itself with the well-being of our citizens.  It is a life-long learning process to create awareness, identifies needs, concerns and challenges of the community toward providing assistance in the development of programmes, initiatives, facilities, staff and leadership toward the end of improving the entire community.  The courses offered are designed for learners of all ages, from children to seniors.


Community Education courses are offered on a non-credit basis.  These ‘life-long learning’ course allow individuals of all ages the opportunity to explore new fields, sharpen professional skills, and enrich their personal lives.

The Community Education and Development Programme, in partnership with the Department of Education, makes it possible to offer community based self-help, personal growth and professional development courses via the utilization of Government school facilities to all residents of the community.  Instructors are people in the community who have exceptional knowledge and experience about a given subject.  The Community Education and Development Programme strives to present courses that meet both the needs and interest of the community


Online Registration for Community Education begins 2 weeks prior to the start of classes each term. Class schedule brochures are available online, at the Department of Culture offices and at the Cultural Education and Development Offices.


National Community Education Association (NCEA)
3929 Old Lee Highway, Suite 91A Fairfax, Virginia 22030-2401 U.S.A.

International Community Education Association (ICEA)
Institute for Community Education International Academy (INAgGmbli)
Free University for Berlin, Koenigin-Luise-Strasse
24-261-14195 Berlin, Germany

National Centre for Community Education
1017 Avon Street Flint, Michigan 48502, U.S.A.


Warwick Office:
72 Middle Road Warwick, WK BX
Telephone: 236-0829  Fax: 236-1980

Hamilton Office:
43 Church Street Global House (Ground Floor)
Hamilton HM BX
Telephone: 292-7735  Fax: 292-7786