Cultural Policy

In May 2021, The Department of Culture officially launched the National Cultural Heritage Policy for Bermuda. The overarching goal of the policy is to inspire national pride and to support the deepening of our shared identity. The policy also aims to ensure that Bermudian culture is embedded in every level of everyday life.

Although the Department of Culture is responsible for drafting the National Cultural Heritage Policy, the policy belongs to the whole of Bermuda: to our creative communities, our heritage institutions, our artists, our tradition-bearers, our students and our citizenry as a whole.

There are six primary goals of the policy:

  • To promote culture and develop our creatives;
  • To preserve and protect our cultural heritage;
  • To include culture in our national development plans;
  • To establish cultural connections;
  • To assist with cultural administration; and
  • To implement and review the policy.

Click here to download the Bermuda National Cultural Heritage Policy (PDF). Click here to download the Policy in Brief.