Arts of the Kitchen

Fishcakes, cassava pie, hot cross buns and shark hash: Bermuda boasts a wide and diverse array of culinary delights. Reflecting its population, Bermudian cuisine is a mixture of English, African, Portuguese, Canadian and Caribbean traditions, all blending together to create the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Seafood is very prominent on the Bermuda menu, with Bermudian cuisine featuring everything from curried mussels, to fish chowder, to codfish cakes. Fruit, both native to the island and imported from elsewhere, also plays a significant role in Bermudian cuisine: loquats are used to make pies and jams, citrus is often baked into cakes and tarts, bananas are used in breads, and Surinam cherries are either made into jams or eaten in their natural berry form. While Bermudian food may be steeped in centuries of tradition, it is also ever-evolving, and with many Bermudians regularly travelling off-island, new foods and new ways of cooking traditional Bermudian cuisine are always being discovered.

Image courtesy of Bermuda Tourism Authority.