The Department of Culture offers annual apprenticeship opportunities, writing projects, and also supports other programming with funding. To get involved or learn more about our current opportunities, please see below.

Cultural Apprenticeship Programme

The Department of Culture offers a Cultural Apprenticeship Programme. The principle objective of the programme is to foster the growth of a younger generation of tradition-bearers in Bermuda. The programme pairs a tradition-bearer with an interested apprentice. Apprenticeships have included everything from beekeeping, to quilting, to storytelling, traditional Bermudian masonry, and more. Please... Learn More

Writer In Residence Programme

The Department of Culture is pleased to offer an annual Writer in Residence programme. Each year an award-winning writer is selected to conduct a workshop on a specific genre with the aim of improving the overall quality of Bermudian literature and writing. The workshop facilitator will conduct classes with student groups over a period of time. Students will be required to submit a final piece ... Learn More

Historical Research Program

The Department of Culture is committed to uncovering previously unexplored, or in some cases under-explored, aspects of our history and culture. In keeping with this pledge, the Department regularly sponsors research projects intended to deepen our knowledge and appreciation of Bermuda and Bermudians. For more information, please contact the Director, Dr. Kim Dismont Robinson, on Learn More