Cultural Apprenticeship Programme

The Department of Culture offers a Cultural Apprenticeship Programme. The principle objective of the programme is to foster the growth of a younger generation of tradition-bearers in Bermuda. The programme pairs a tradition-bearer with an interested apprentice. Apprenticeships have included everything from beekeeping, to quilting, to storytelling, traditional Bermudian masonry, and more.

Please check back for more information on our next Cultural Apprenticeship Programme and how you can apply to participate.

2022 Participants


  • Tradition-Bearers: Christopher Faria of The AgraLiving Institute
  • Apprentices: Antahsukha Akshayasukha & Christina Collis

Traditional Bermudian Methods and Styles of Building and Carpentry

  • Tradition Bearer: Lawrence Mills
  • Apprentices: Jessica Dill & Akilah Swan

2018 Participants

Carnival Costume Design and Fabrication

  • Tradition-Bearers: Nova Mas Int’l and Darryl Cox
  • Apprentices: Colita Cook-Shillingford (competition winner), Barbie Paynter (competition winner), James R. Lee, Kimberley Robinson and Mo’Nique Stevens

2017 Participants

Float Building and Design

  • Tradition-Bearer: Andrew Furbert
  • Apprentice: Alexander Winfield

2014 Participants

Cassava Processing and Chemical-Free Farming

  • Tradition-Bearers: Gabre and Deborah Swan
  • Apprentice: Ishmir Savory

Traditional Bermuda Punt Building

  • Tradition-Bearer: Anson Nash
  • Apprentices: Mark Fox and Frankie McIntosh

Cedar Sculpting

  • Tradition-Bearer: Chesley Trott
  • Apprentice: Joshua Stevens

Folk Medicine

  • Tradition-Bearer: Neville Richardson
  • Apprentice: Chelsea Todd

2013 Participants

Goat Husbandry and Cheese-Making

  • Tradition-Bearer: James Tucker
  • Apprentices: Ashley Tucker and Ryan Smith

MOSAIC and the Arts of Performance

  • Tradition-Bearer: Ruth E. Thomas
  • Apprentice: Carlita Lodge

Vegetarian Foodways

  • Tradition-Bearer: Cheryl Kerr
  • Apprentice: Juanae Baker

Genealogy and Family History

  • Tradition-Bearer: Dr. Jolene Bean
  • Apprentices: Sara Corday and Kenisha Shakir

Gombey Costumes

  • Tradition-Bearer: Janice Warner
  • Apprentice: Vanessa Bartley

2012 Participants

St. David’s Cooking

  • Tradition-Bearer: Rickilee Pitcher
  • Apprentice: Veney Sims


  • Tradition-Bearer: Florenz Webbe Maxwell
  • Apprentice: Sara Westhead

Edible Landscaping

  • Tradition-Bearer: Omari Dill
  • Apprentice: Kierron Spencer

Basket Weaving

  • Tradition-Bearer: Ronnie Chameau
  • Apprentice: Jevon Easton-Vanderpool

Handcrafted Model Boats

  • Tradition-Bearer: Milton Hill Sr.
  • Apprentices: Tramaine Stovell and Ami Zanders

2011 Participants

Advanced Cake Decorating

  • Tradition-Bearer: Cynthia Fishington
  • Apprentice: Nicole Clarke

Medicinal Botanicals

  • Tradition-Bearer: Dr. Kuni Frith-Black
  • Apprentices: Calvina Brown, Zarinah Codrington and Ananda Hill


  • Tradition-Bearer: Steve Hollis
  • Apprentice: Jacoby Darrell

Float design and Construction

  • Tradition-Bearer: Andrew Furbert
  • Apprentice: Tiffany Paynter

2010 Participants

Sustainable Farming

  • Tradition-Bearer: Tom Wadson
  • Apprentice: Quincy Burgess

Cake Decorating

  • Tradition-Bearer: Juliette Jackson
  • Apprentice: Nicole Clarke


  • Tradition-Bearer: Lynn Morrell
  • Apprentice: Laura Lyons

Fishing and Arts of the Sea

  • Tradition-Bearer: Llewellyn Hollis
  • Apprentice: Keishunda Curtis

Traditional Bermudian Cooking

  • Tradition-Bearer: Fred Ming
  • Apprentices: LaKai Dill and Jahmeko Virgil


  • Tradition-Bearer: George Leon Burt
  • Apprentice: Damani Burchall

2009 Participants

Musical Composition

  • Tradition-Bearer: Stan “Lord Necktie” Seymour
  • Apprentice: Gavin “Djata” Smith

Crafting Banana Dolls

  • Tradition-Bearer: Veronica “Ronnie” Chameau
  • Apprentice: Sherri DeSilva

Azorean Crochet

  • Tradition-Bearer: Geneveve Escolastica
  • Apprentice: Angela Sainsbury


  • Tradition-Bearer: Randolph Furbert
  • Apprentice: Jennie Faries

Traditional Crafts

  • Tradition-Bearer: Shirley Pearman
  • Apprentice: Gail Santucci-Palacio