Uncover Bermuda

Uncover the Arts (formally ” Bermuda Rendezvous” Programme) consists of a variety of programmes which are designed to offer Bermuda’s winter visitors a choice of activities. This programme is organized to run from November to March so that during this off-season period our visitors and locals will always have an opportunity to find entertaining, educational and culturally enriching programmes. All programmes are offered free of cost and are quite popular with our visitors and participating locals.

The Department of Culture therefore organizes and promotes most of the following activities:

Walking Tours of Dockyard, Somerset, Hamilton and St. Georges

Visits to Dockyard and the Craft Market where craft-making demonstrations of a variety of souvenier items eg. Cedar crafts, Banana leaf dolls, pottery, glassblowing can be seen

Tours of official/Government buildings

Regiment Displays and Gombey Performances

Lectures/Talks at the Bermuda National Gallery and the St. George’s World Heritage Site.

Each of the above listed events has an assigned tour guide that shares important and informative aspects of the specific item as well as general tales of Bermuda’s culture and traditions.  Attendance to these events fluctuates but most are quite popular with our visitors who find these events wonderful opportunities for gaining knowledge and appreciation for Bermuda’s traditions and culture.

This year’s activities are being held from November 1st 2016 – March 31st 2017

Download the documents below to view the full list of activities.

Uncover the Arts Brochure 2016 PDF