The Stories We Tell: Bermuda Anthology of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Tobias Buckell, Editor
Available at:
The Department of Culture and bookstores islandwide. Price at bookstores may vary.
It is not enough for us to look into the past and the present with our dreams; we should also wonder about our future, and science fiction gives us that tool. In this anthology, you will find a variety of stories that imagine pasts, presents, and futures. Childhood monsters lurk in these pages. A librarian’s keystroke can have more impact than anyone might expect in our world. Time will be warped and distorted, famous landmarks haunted, and magic will take place on the beach. These talented authors inside will show you a slice of Bermuda that lives in their imaginations: a fantastical Bermuda, a future Bermuda, a magical Bermuda, a haunted Bermuda. And some of them will take you beyond Bermuda to other countries…or entire other worlds.